SES Donates Medical Supplies to Wuhan Doctors


We are in the fight against COVID-19 together. Thanks to the generous support from employees, partners and shareholders, SES sends urgently needed medical supplies to doctors who fight in the frontlines at Wuhan hospitals. 

Better Lithium Batteries to Get a Test Flight

Technology Review

Scientists have known for decades that lithium-metal batteries offer a powerful combination of energy density and compactness. Unfortunately these…

Your Smartphone Battery Sucks. This MIT Startup Could Change That


The current generation of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that we all know and love (or hate) in our smartphones can be traced back to 1991, when Sony…

The Race Is on to Build a Better Battery


Renewable energy could reshape the global economy—but only if it can be cheaply and safely stored. Meet the companies racing to crack the anode code…

On the cusp of the next big battery breakthrough

MIT Technology Review

Qichao Hu believes he’s on the cusp of one of the most highly anticipated developments in industry: the next battery revolution.

As founder and CEO of SolidEnergy Systems, a startup based in Woburn, Massachusetts, he’s come as close as anyone to commercializing rechargeable batteries made of lithium metal.

These promise twice the energy density of lithium-ion batteries, the current industry standard for nearly all electronics and electric vehicles.

Out of juice? New battery technology could help smartphones last twice as long


Smartphones that last twice as long before they need to be recharged could soon become reality after a US tech start-up revealed a portable battery with more…

SolidEnergy CEO sees breakthrough in technology of next-generation batteries

The Korea Times

As a scientist-turned-CEO, Qichao Hu of SolidEnergy Systems is passionate about the application of one’s pursuits, whether it be in the sciences or the arts…

Dr. Hu becomes Forbes 30 Under 30 in Energy


While working in the lab of renowned MIT professor Donald Sadoway, Hu developed a polymer ionic liquid (PIL) rechargeable lithium metal battery that can operate and room temperature and manufactured in…

A123 Venture Technologies Agrees to Collaboration with MIT Start-up SolidEnergy


A123 Venture Technologies, a Massachusetts technology incubator, announced today its collaboration with MIT startup SolidEnergy. This strategic partnership…

A Battery for Electronics That Lasts Twice as Long

Technology Review

A new kind of lithium-ion battery could let portable electronics such as smartphones and smart watches last twice as long between charges.

The battery was developed by SolidEnergy, a company spun out of MIT…

Why the perfect, long-lasting battery for your smartphone seems like it’ll never come

The Washington Post

There may come a time when a single charge will be more than enough. Enough not just to get through a day, but several days worth of playing music, games, editing photos…



胡启朝, 1985年生, 2007年毕业于美国麻省理工学院(MIT)物理系, 2012年获哈佛大学应用物理系博士学位。博士期间创立麻省固体能源公司,在电池研发领域突破了传统瓶颈。


MIT Spinoff to Market Breakthrough Batteries by 2017


We’d all love our phones and tablets to have longer staying power, so announcements of new battery technology are often catnip for techheads. Unfortunately…

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