Building the world's most powerful AI for Li-Metal safety & health monitoring

SES is offering Li-Metal technology in the following formats:

  • Hermes™ Cell (a single cell)

  • Hermes™ Duo (a pack with two cells)

  • Hermes™ Trio (a pack with three cells)

  • Apollo™ (large capacity cells)

You may request to purchase and/or test the cells and packs. Spec sheets are attached for your reference. Please note that the Hermes™ Cell is not available for purchase, Apollo™ is only available for joint development, and there may be transportation and/or export limitations depending on your geography.

Please check this website often for updates and contact us for any questions at

Hermes™ Cell Energy

Not Available For Sale

Hermes™ Cell Life 

Not Available For Sale

Hermes™ Cell

Hermes™ Duo

Hermes™ Duo Life

Hermes Trio Energy

Hermes Trio Life

Hermes™ Trio

*Thank you for being one of the first in the world to experience Beyond Li-ion™. Please click on the price link and email us to complete your purchase. 

**These are sample prices only, if you are interested in bulk pricing and/or developing Apollo™ for EV or eVTOL applications, please contact

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