A Practical Approach to Li-Metal Batteries

The world is racing to develop safer, smarter, cost-effective, and high-performance alternatives to Li-ion batteries. At SES, we have already accomplished this goal with our Li-Metal system.

Much of the R&D in the Li-Metal space centers on solid-state batteries. However, there are major obstacles to developing a production-ready solid-state solution: Low energy density, high temperature requirements, expensive materials, and difficult-to-scale manufacturing processes.

SES, formerly known as SolidEnergy Systems, used to pursue solid-state Li-Metal technology. However, we have developed a far more practical, better-performing, and complete Li-Metal system than today’s solid-state alternatives.

SES is the world leader in development and manufacturing of Li-Metal batteries, and we offer the most mature and complete Li-Metal solution for automotive and transportation applications.

High energy density: Our system is capable of >400 Wh/kg and >1000 Wh/L, delivering significantly longer driving range to EVs. This represents a major boost in energy density compared to today’s Li-ion EV batteries (280 Wh/Kg and 700 Wh/L).

Fast charging: In the world of EVs, every minute spent at a recharging station matters. Our Li-Metal system can charge to 80% of battery capacity in just 15 minutes.

Safe and light: Our electrolyte greatly enhances battery safety, and our ultra-thin Li-Metal anode reduces battery weight and production cost.

Optimized by AI: Our AI-powered algorithm is trained on terabytes of data, optimizing battery performance, safety, and charging across a wide variety of applications.

Cost-efficient and scalable: SES Li-Metal batteries can be produced at high volume using existing Li-ion infrastructure, significantly lowering production costs.

The SES Li-Metal Technology

Materials icon

Materials: Proprietary technology, strong IP portfolio and manufacturing capabilities in wide thin lithium foil, high purity salt and high concentration electrolytes

Cells icon

Cells: Li-metal cell design, engineering and manufacturing. Large Li-Metal cell data pool

Battery modules icon

Modules: Li-Metal module design, engineering and manufacturing

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Algorithm: Machine learning algorithm based on large Li-Metal cell data pool is used to monitor health and improve fast charging

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Recycling: Turning cycled lithium back to lithium ingots


Li-Metal can increase flight time Drone
Li-Metal can increase range, reduce range anxiety and cost EV
Li-Metal can increase range and flight time, making eVTOL practical and meaningful eVTOL
Li-Metal can enable year-round and wide latitude for High Altitude Pseudo Satellites (HAPS) Space