A Complete Li-Metal Battery Solution for Mainstream EVs

Affordable. Safe. Long-range. Fast-charging. SES designs and produces Li-Metal battery materials, cells, modules, recycling processes, and AI algorithms that optimize battery safety and charging. We are inspired to create a sustainable world by making electric vehicles (EVs) accessible to everyone.

SES Li-Metal Performance Benefits

High energy density: Delivers significantly longer driving range to EVs
Fast charging: Charge up to 80% in less than 15 minutes
Optimized by AI: Performance and safety enhanced by AI algorithms

SES Li-Metal Manufacturing Benefits

Scalable: Can be produced using existing Li-ion infrastructure
Open: Actively collaborating with multiple automotive OEMs
Global: Global presence and the most complete capabilities in the Li-Metal spac

Features of SES

the Battery

Cathode Image

Building the World's Most Powerful Al for Li-Metal Safety & Health Monitoring

SES is offering Li-Metal technology in the following formats:

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Building The World's Most Powerful Al For Li-Metal Safety & Health Monitoring(1)