Every once in a while, a new battery technology comes along showing promise in one area, but is objectively worse in almost everything else compared to good old Li-ion. Maybe it’s low energy density, or short cycle life, or slow charge, or expensive, or impossible to manufacture at scale, or just never built a real cell.


So why do people still gravitate toward and invest in them? This is because after 30 years, Li-ion has plateaued, and a superior battery technology is on the horizon. Of all the new battery technologies, Li-Metal not only offers 2X energy density, it has the best overall performance and is the closest to disrupting Li-ion. 


SES (SolidEnergy Systems) is the world’s leading researcher, developer and manufacturer of Li-Metal technologies and products. SES can help you design, develop, build and test Li-Metal cells and modules to help you understand the potential of your future application.


Thank you for supporting the future of batteries and transportation. Welcome to the 2020s, the era of Beyond Li-ion.


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