Not Only Solid. A More Practical and Complete Approach to Li-Metal

Every once in a while, a new battery technology comes along showing promise in one area, but is objectively worse in almost everything else compared to Li-ion. Maybe it’s low energy density, or short cycle life, or poor power density, or expensive, or just never built a real cell.

SES, formerly known as SolidEnergy, used to pursue solid state Li-Metal technology. But pivoted away from it, due to the low energy density, high temperature requirement, and fundamentally expensive and difficult-to-scale manufacturing process.

Instead, SES developed a more practical and complete Li-Metal system including safe and high efficiency electrolyte, anode protective coating, cell engineering and manufacturing capabilities, and AI-powered algorithm for health monitoring and fast charging.

The new Li-Metal system is capable of >400 Wh/kg and >1000 Wh/L, delivering significantly longer driving range to EVs. It can also be manufactured at scale using existing Li-ion infrastructure, significantly reducing cost.

Today SES is the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of Li-Metal systems including materials, cells, modules, algorithm and recycling. It is headquartered in Singapore with operations in Boston, Shanghai and Seoul.

Features of SES

the Battery

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Building the World's Most Powerful Al for Li-Metal Safety & Health Monitoring

SES is offering Li-Metal technology in the following formats:

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Building The World's Most Powerful Al For Li-Metal Safety & Health Monitoring(1)